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Our Products

Our Products

To complement its IT Services, DMS has developed several practical software solutions in house. These tools are born from a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by organisations today. Our products and commitment goes beyond just offering technology; we strive to create tools that are intuitive, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrate into your existing processes. This approach ensures that our solutions not only solve immediate challenges but also adapt to future needs, keeping you agile and effective in a fast-paced digital world. All our products are fully Microsoft compatible.

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DMS Netflow

Empower designated users (with minimal training) to handle day to day network admin, leaving technicians free to develop the network.

In an education environment, NetFlow gives teachers more control over students’ use of classroom computers; less classroom disruption for tech support and more time to teach.

Our Products

  • Easy to Use
  • Create Student Records and allocate them to groups. Bulk User Importer.
  • Sync with School Management Systems
  • User Lifecycle Management
  • Password Changer with Photo Feature
  • Policy Management
  • Control Users and Usage

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    Fully customisable work management system for reactive, PPM, and large-scale projects – desktop and app

    Whatever the size of your business, JobFlow will help you to manage and grow, bringing control with powerful live commu­nication and reporting. JobFlow works across networks, with a mobile app for Android phones and tablets.

    • Complete overview all work activities in one system – no need for multiple systems/spreadsheets.
    • Asset management full service history, empowering you to upsell on units that are breaking down too often
    • Central stock and vehicle stock instant reporting on stock levels so operatives arrive with the part they need
    • Track jobs against target margins giving you the oversight to fix potential issues before it’s too late
    • Allocate jobs to appropriate operatives watch first time fix rates improve for your clients!
    • Force H&S/risk assessment completion ensure operatives understand any potential risks on every job.
    • Send photos between device and JobFlow communicate status of work and provide ‘before and after’ evidence
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    our products - One drive connect

    OneDrive Connect is designed for Microsoft Office 365 and provides users with fast and seamless access to their OneDrive via the desktop. It offers schools and colleges features they need at little or no cost:

    • Enterprise Single Sign-On
    • Identity Management
    • Automated Licensing
    • Drive Mapping
    • SharePoint Library Mapping
    • Specific Mappings for different User Groups
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