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We offer flexible IT support services that adapt seamlessly to the unique challenges of each organisation. We offer remote service solutions that ensure rapid troubleshooting and minimal downtime, keeping your operations efficient and cost-effective. In the case of more complex issues, our onsite experts will provide deep, personalised solutions right at your doorstep.

For two decades, DMS has been a trusted IT provider, offering IT support services with friendly, certified engineers ready to assist you. Our team handles troubleshooting, network setup, and system maintenance, ensuring your technology operates smoothly. We’re dedicated to making technology easy and accessible, providing professional support with a personal touch.

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IT Support
Tailored IT Managed Services for Future-Ready Organisations

IT Managed Services

Our Managed IT Services are designed to support your organisation’s technology landscape with comprehensive care. From seamless network management to safeguarding your servers and software, we ensure your IT environment is secure, efficient, and future-ready. Leveraging advanced technology and industry best practices, we proactively monitor your systems to detect issues before they become problems. We don’t just solve immediate challenges; we anticipate and adapt to your evolving business needs, providing tailored solutions that grow with you.

Whether your looking to leverage IT managed services to boost your in-house IT team or rely on a partner as a primary IT resource, DMS are here to help. This personalised approach for IT managed services helps to minimise your IT expenses. We pride ourselves on being more than just an IT provider; we aim to be a strategic partner in your business’s success.

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    Security Operations Center

    Security Operations Centres (SOCs) are critical hubs dedicated to the continuous monitoring and analysis of an organisation’s security posture. Acting as the nerve centre for cybersecurity efforts, SOCs play a pivotal role in the proactive identification and mitigation of potential threats. They are staffed by skilled security analysts who oversee network systems, scan for unusual behaviour, and respond to identified security incidents. The importance of SOCs lies in their ability to provide comprehensive, real-time surveillance against a vast array of cyber threats, ranging from data breaches to malware attacks.

    At DMS we offer a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre service, tailored to meet the diverse needs of organisations of all sizes, from SMEs to large-scale enterprises. Choosing to outsource your Security Operations Centre provides a compelling opportunity to tap into specialised cybersecurity expertise and cutting-edge technology, without the overheads and resource commitments associated with developing and maintaining an internal team, thus ensuring enhanced security measures in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

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    Core features of our SOC encompass

    Continuous Threat Intelligence: Leveraging advanced monitoring systems, we deliver proactive detection of emerging threats, ensuring your organisation stays ahead of potential risks.

    Round-the-Clock Security: Our operations are ceaseless, providing 24/7 security monitoring to ensure your organisation remains protected at all times, regardless of time zones or working hours.

    Rapid Response to Incidents: In case of security breaches, our experts are geared to respond immediately, effectively mitigating impacts and swiftly reinstating security protocols.

    Regulatory Compliance Management: Our services aid in aligning your organisation with pertinent industry compliance standards, thereby mitigating legal and regulatory risks.

    Scalable Solutions: Recognising that each organisation has unique security needs, our SOC services are highly customisable, ensuring a perfect fit whether you’re an SME or a large enterprise.

    Network Operations Centre (NOC)

    Our Network Operations Centre is a dedicated space where we manage and monitor your network infrastructure. This central hub is equipped with advanced technology and skilled technicians who focus on ensuring network performance and availability. Our NOC team is trained to promptly address network issues, minimising downtime, and maintaining efficient operations.

    Our NOC works closely with our Security Operations Centre (SOC) when necessary, ensuring a comprehensive approach to both network management and security. This integrated strategy is key to preventing disruptions and maintaining the health of your network infrastructure.


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