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Lessons from the Recent NHS Cyber Attack.

The Imperative of Cybersecurity: Lessons from the Recent NHS Cyber Attack 🌟 This week, major NHS hospitals in London faced significant disruptions due to a cyber attack on Synnovis, a critical provider of laboratory and diagnostic services. The attack, which appears to be a malware incident, severely impacted operations at [...]

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BT Extends Deadline for Digital Landline Transition.

BT Extends Deadline for Digital Landline Transition: Ensuring a Safe and Smooth Switch BT is extending the deadline for switching from traditional copper landlines to modern digital services. Originally set for December 2025, the new deadline is now January 2027. This change aims to address concerns about the impact on [...]


Discover Grandstream’s Networking Solutions.

Discover Grandstream: Your Next-Level Communications Solution 🌟 Whether you’re a small business owner, an IT manager, or a tech aficionado, Grandstream offers features that might make it your go-to choice. Here’s what makes Grandstream special—just sharing what we love, no sales pitch! 🚀 No Subscription Fees – More Freedom, Less [...]