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CrowdStrike global outage incident

CrowdStrike Global Outage Incident: Windows PCs Crashing Worldwide 🌍 A major cybersecurity incident involving CrowdStrike has led to a global outage, causing Windows PCs to crash. The recent update from CrowdStrike, a leading cybersecurity firm, has triggered widespread system failures, particularly affecting Windows 10 users. This incident has disrupted various [...]

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VoIP for Small Business

Unlocking the Future of Communication: VoIP for Small Business 🌟 Effective communication is crucial for success in today’s business world. For small businesses, finding a cost-effective, reliable, and scalable solution is essential. Enter VoIP for small business. 🚀 What is VoIP? VoIP for small business is Voice over Internet Protocol, [...]

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Azure OpenAI

Unlocking the Power of Azure OpenAI: Revolutionising Business Operations and Education 🌟 The integration of OpenAI’s advanced models, such as GPT-4, with Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure marks a significant development in artificial intelligence (AI). Azure OpenAI Service enables businesses and educational institutions to revolutionise operations, improve customer experiences, enhance learning environments [...]

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Lessons from the Recent NHS Cyber Attack.

The Imperative of Cybersecurity: Lessons from the Recent NHS Cyber Attack 🌟 This week, major NHS hospitals in London faced significant disruptions due to a cyber attack on Synnovis, a critical provider of laboratory and diagnostic services. The attack, which appears to be a malware incident, severely impacted operations at [...]

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BT Extends Deadline for Digital Landline Transition.

BT Extends Deadline for Digital Landline Transition: Ensuring a Safe and Smooth Switch BT is extending the deadline for switching from traditional copper landlines to modern digital services. Originally set for December 2025, the new deadline is now January 2027. This change aims to address concerns about the impact on [...]


Discover Grandstream’s Networking Solutions.

Discover Grandstream: Your Next-Level Communications Solution 🌟 Whether you’re a small business owner, an IT manager, or a tech aficionado, Grandstream offers features that might make it your go-to choice. Here’s what makes Grandstream special—just sharing what we love, no sales pitch! 🚀 No Subscription Fees – More Freedom, Less [...]

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Ormiston Academies

DMS helps Ormiston Academies Come Together THE CLIENT Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) is one of the largest not-for-profit and longest established Multi-Academy Trusts in England. It has been sponsoring academies since 2009 and now educates over 30,000 pupils in more than 40 schools across the country. Centralise and Integrate With [...]

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Safeguard Pest Control

‘Responsive and reliable’ DMS aids Rollins’ UK growth THE CLIENT Established in 1986, Safeguard Pest Control is in the top five (and one of the largest), pest control companies in the UK. It specialises in all forms of commercial and residential pest control, bird control and specialist environmental services and [...]

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D&M Group

D&M Group enjoy DMS ‘straight talking’ service THE CLIENT The D&M Group started life as Design and Management Contractors in the 1960s to ‘Design and Manage’ refurbishment works in the southeast. Over the years the company grew, expanding its range of disciplines to include building, electrical and plumbing and, in 2004, air [...]

Reading School

Norfolk College switches underperforming standalone phone system for one integrated with Microsoft 365. THE CLIENT More than academic success Reading School was founded in 1125 and has an enviable reputation for providing leading academic education. More importantly, the school seeks to nurture curiosity, inspire service and build character, promoting honesty and [...]