Complete User Lifecycle Management

Manage users and groups of users

* Bulk user importer

* Auto-create Office 365 users

* Allocate users to groups by year or subject

* Normally laborious processes automated

Empower teachers to do day to day admin

* Control user desktop view and access

* Change user password easily with photo ID  

* Easily create, edit, move and delete user records

Complete Environment Management

User Lifecycle Management

Diagnostic Scan and Repair

MDT Database Management

Support Upgrade Protection

Synchronise Accounts with SMS

Auto Overnight Shutdown

Deploy apps in real time req TS Gateway server

Application Roll Out req MS MDT

Printer Management Integration

Switch instantly between group views

Automatic Group/Individual Shutdown

Access to Remote Systems

Manage group policy

Enhanced Security

Powerful Reporting

Exchange Support

Terminal Services

FAST Home Access

Cloud Solution

Lose the cost of buying and maintaining an on-site server. Our fully hosted cloud solution uses MS Azure Cloud space with

a 99.95% uptime SLA, secure storage and backup.

Primary Solution

A full primary school solution IN THE CLOUD with MS Azure Trust Centre Protection:  NetFlow, Data, Server, Office 365, Teaching Apps and User Management. PLUS: Full Wi-Fi connectivity, Bring Any Device, Secure Guest Login and Remote Support.

OneDrive Solution

DMS OneDrive Connect allows you to  hot desk with OneDrive. Users with domain joined accounts have fast access to their OneDrive data in the Cloud via a familiar drive icon.

FREE with NetFlow, or buy standalone