Service Management & Mobile App

JobFlow Logo 2 Jul 19

JobFlow is service management software that records client work requests at the office and manages them through to completion by your mobile workforce through an Android app.


Operatives with smartphones or tablets can log into JobFlow, view their allocated jobs and fill out job sheets, risk assessments, maintenance certificates, hours worked, materials used, parts required and more, then obtain a customer signature on completion and upload completed documents with photos to the office.

Online and Offline


The app. works online and offline. Job data is downloaded to the device, so you are not at the mercy of ‘dead spots’ or flaky connections as web-based solutions are. Data can be input and uploaded as soon as a connection is restored.

Drop Down Lists


To speed up data entry, the JobFlow app includes lists to select from; for parts used, works done, job status etc. there is the option to free write data too using the onscreen keyboard, your finger or stylus.

Customer Assets


The JobFlow app can be used to record new assets at client sites and update existing assets too. You can raise callouts against specific assets and provide detailed asset histories.

Quote Process Initiation


Operatives can send information back to the office, including photos or sketches, of new work that needs to be done, estimating time and skills required. This is fed into JobFlow for a full quotation to be prepared and sent to the client. The quick turnaround often leads to works being approved while your operative is still on site.

Client Signature Capture


With touch screen technology, clients can sign off work with their finger or a stylus in the JobFlow app enabling immediate invoicing.



The app records the travel and work time for each job and provides a comprehensive and detailed timesheet by operative on demand for payroll. This can also be audited through GPS tracking.

Multiple Form Types


The JobFlow app includes two forms tailored to your requirements (normally a worksheet and a risk assessment), more forms are easily added as required.



Tailored workflow ensures all operatives and subcontractors work the same way

No more missing job sheets

Job Status instantly updated from site visit

Reduce office visits by engineers

Cut down on administrative tasks

Speed up invoicing

All customer paperwork completed electronically

Customer signature capture

Before and after photos can be attached to each visit

Updates vehicle stock level

Book schedule of rates onto jobs for self-billing

Record out of pocket expenses