Mobile Device Management

With Microsoft Intune and built in Mobile Device Management for Office 365

Microsoft Intune and built-in Mobile Device Management for Office 365 give you the ability to manage mobile devices in your organisation.

Manage users and their mobile devices using both Intune and Office 365 in the same Office 365 tenant. Setting up both Intune and MDM lets you decide which solution is best for specific users and their devices. If you have both options available, you can choose whether you manage a user’s devices with MDM for Office 365 or the more feature-rich Intune solution.

MDM for Office 365


Included with many Office 365 commercial subscriptions.

How you manage devices


Mobile Device Management using the Security and Compliance Center in Office 365.

Devices you can manage


Cloud-based management for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Key Capabilites


Help ensure that Office 365 corporate email and documents can be accessed only on phones and tablets that are managed by your company and that are compliant with your IT policies.

Set and manage security policies, like device level pin lock and jailbreak detection, to help prevent unauthorized users from accessing corporate email and data on a device when it is lost or stolen.

Remove Office 365 company data from an employee’s device while leaving their personal data in place.

Microsoft Intune


Requires a paid subscription for Intune or can be purchased with Enterprise Mobility Suite.

How you manage devices


If you use Intune by itself, you manage devices using the Intune admin console. If you integrate Intune with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, you use the Configuration Manager console to manage devices on-premises and in the cloud.

Devices you can manage

Cloud-based management for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Key Capabilites


MDM for Office 365 capabilities, plus:


Help users securely access corporate resource with certificates, Wi-Fi, VPN, and email profiles.


Enroll and manage collections of corporate-owned devices, simplifying policy and app deployment.


Deploy your internal line-of-business apps and apps in stores to users.


Enable users to access corporate information more securely using the Office mobile and line-of business apps they know, while ensuring security of data by helping to restrict actions like copy, cut, paste, and save as, to only those apps managed by Intune.


Enable more secure web browsing using the Intune Managed Browser app.


Manage PCs from the cloud with no infrastructure using Intune or connect Intune to Config. Manager to manage all devices including PCs, Macs, Linux and UNIX servers, and mobile devices from a single management console.


An Intune subscription also allows you to set up MAM (mobile app management) policies by using the Azure portal, even if people’s devices aren’t enrolled in Intune.