Design and Management Systems has developed specialist software for both business and education sectors to create solutions for our customers problems. We use the latest technologies and our years of experience to deliver tailor made solutions in the most efficient way.

Jobflow - Service Management software

JobFlow service management software is in use across the UK by organisations that manage field based engineers who carry out reactive and planned maintenance as well as long term projects. JobFlow provides valuable costing information and reporting to enable future planning. DataScriber Digital Pen & Paper option enables data from forms completed on-site to arrive at a central office instantly. Jobflow also integrates with TomTom fleet management system for vehicle tracking and efficient navigation. 

DMS Netflow - Network Management software

DMS NetFlow is a powerful network tool for managing users and groups of users. It empowers designated users (with minimal training) to handle day to day admin, with technicians free to develop the network resource.

In an education environment, DMS NetFlow gives teachers more control of pupils’ use of classroom computers. That means less classroom disruption and more time to teach.

DMS OneDrive Connect - OneDrive Mapping

A feature added to DMS Netflow or available as a standalone product is our new OneDrive Connect which provides end users a familiar method to save documents to their OneDrive account by creating a mapped drive letter.

The OneDrive connect application runs when the user logs on to the local network and performs the following actions;

  • Authenticates the user with Office 365 using single sign on.
  • Maps the user's OneDrive to a specified drive letter and label on the local computer.
  • Optionally maps additional SharePoint libraries to additional drive letters.
  • Optionally opens the O365 portal home page after the drive mapping has completed.