About Us

Design and Management Systems is an information technology company specialising in providing IP Networks and associated services to businesses, schools and colleges. With the skills and experience of our senior team, DMS aims to keep a reputation for analytical rigour, in-depth technical expertise and integrity of customer service and care. 

Mission Statement

To serve customers with IP Networks and related solutions empowering control and development to their organisation.


DMS embraces the values of honesty, integrity, excellence and service, both in internal affairs and client relationships.

Passionate about Customers

At DMS we enjoy our work and we get satisfaction from a job well done. Invariably that involves making customers happy and keeping them that way! When things go wrong, we will put them right with urgency and efficiency. We will employ everything in its power to make sure customers are pleased with its staff and service.

Passionate about Quality

DMS has always embraced systems and practices that ensure consistency and quality of outcome.

Passionate about Staff

DMS is committed to developing its staff members and the environment in which they work.